If you have a secondary breast or excess breast tissue in your armpit, you will most likely dislike the way it appears when your arm is down. It’s thicker and more tangible. Weight gain can exacerbate the problem.

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Are you fed up with fatty tissue protruding from your armpit and breast?
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Breast tissue can be found above and below the milk duct line, which is considered normal in the breast. However, breast tissue can sometimes be found along the axilla or in the armpit area, forming an accessory breast.

This could have been present since birth or developed over the course of development. There could be a variety of factors at play. The same pathologies that affect normal breast tissue can also affect accessory tissue. The ultrasound would show a clear picture of the breast tissue in the axilla or armpit, which could be mistaken for a second breast. Accessory breast tissue is defined as breast tissue that remains after the breast has fully developed. Ectopic breast tissue is another name for this. Ectopic breast tissue is a catch-all term for a variety of breast tissue that develops in places other than the breast. This tissue lacks a well-organized milk secretory system.

Treatment Options :

Choose the correct technique: If only minor correction is required, your surgeon may use liposuction or an incision to remove the axillary breast tissue. If major correction is required, your surgeon may use an incision. Breast tissue determines the breast’s shape and size.

Common approach: Breast tissue can be found in the axilla, or armpit in technical terms. It is recommended that contouring in the underarm area be removed. Liposuction with a cannula can also be used to remove the fatty mass.

There is almost no visible scar but if the patient desires we will provide a scar removal procedure to remove the small incision we make to extract the breast gland or perform liposuction.

Who is the ideal candidate for the procedure?
A female aged above 15 is the ideal candidate with axillary breast tissue

Can it be cancerous?
If the fatty mass tissue continues to develop a procedure called FNAC is required (Fine needle aspiration cytology) to check for the cancerous condition.

IS this a painless procedure?
Generally, sedation or local anesthesia is provided during the procedure for the incision of the breast

Can non-invasive surgery or only liposuction treat it?
This will depend on the extent and indication of the axillary breast removal surgery

Is this a safe procedure?
Yes this is a safe procedure

Can I exercise after the surgery?
No, you need to take a rest for 1 week. Any strenuous exercise should be under the guidance of your physician. However light exercise such as walking is allowed

Are the results long-lasting?
Yes, the results as long-lasting as long as your exercise and take care of your diet.

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