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Hair is not just an organ, it’s your crown. Highlight your life bright with your ravishing new hair pattern. Our Hair restoration procedures and hair transplants are not just growing hair, it’s giving you that perfect look.

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We understand that your body features are very important to look good and beautiful. At Bodyskulpt Aesthetics, our team of surgeons can provide you an array of treatments like tummy tuck, liposuction, lipolysis and many more procedures to enhance your alluring features.

Dr Arun Panda Cosmetic, Facial Plastic and Hair Transplant Training Institute in India

(Facial Plastic & Craniofacial Surgeon)


Dr. Arun is a specialist Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgeon with a focussed practice in the field of Facial Cosmetic Surgeries, Aesthetic Laser procedures, Hair Transplants & other minimally invasive Facial Aesthetic procedures. He is a researcher, an innovator, a teacher and a passionate Facial surgeon. Having devoted over 18 years in the field of Facial Aesthetic Surgeries, his work represents a bench mark in the field of Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Facial Aesthetics & Hair Transplant Surgery. Many of his techniques and protocols are published and are well followed by doctors in the field of Facial Aesthetics.

"Bodyskulpt Aesthetics"
Best Hair Transplant & Cosmetic Surgery Centre of Navi Mumbai

At Bodyskulpt Aesthetics, we understand that one’s image and physical personality is the most important aspect of self-confidence and self-esteem. Located in the heart of Navi Mumbai, our State of the art cosmetic surgery center with our talented and experienced surgeons and medspa staff are here to help you to look and feel the best. As a leading cosmetic surgery center, our surgeons have performed thousands of Surgical and Nonsurgical Cosmetic procedures for patients from all over the country.

Bodyskulpt Aesthetics Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Navi Mumbai
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What our Patients say

Some of the feedback from a huge library of Positive Reviews

I had an unsightly sagging face when I lost weight. I was pretty concerned about it. Dr Arun performed a thread lifting procedure along with some fillers on my face and it was unbelievable to see the transformation in just over an hour. I feel younger by about 5 years when I see myself in the mirror. Thank you, Dr. Arun for transformation.
Mrs Vandana
Treated for Facial Aesthetic
After my Cancer surgery wherein my left jaw was taken out and the skin of my face was covered by skin from my chest, I was unable to face the world. I was informed that the area can be covered by hair to hide the scars. My search for a good Face Surgeon ended with Dr Panda and I decided to get the camouflage Hair transplant surgery procedure done. After 7 months of the surgery, I couldn’t believe that the whole side of my face with scars had actually been hidden. I do not have words to thank Dr Panda to have given me the confidence back.
Mr. Vinayak
Treated for Hair Transplant
I got my Rhinoplasty done with Dr. Arun . I had never ever thought I could get such a perfect Nose. Had a very comfortable recovery. Kudos to his whole caring team. Cheers and God bless!
Gargy Parhy
Treated for Rhinoplasty

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“WE CREATE BEAUTIFUL FACES !” Face the world with a new YOU ! 

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We can help you with our rich experience of over 18 years along with the most advanced technologies and state of art devices and equipment to deliver the best possible results.

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Dr. Arun Panda,
Body Skulpt Aesthetics
F1/ A-4 , Aditi Apartments
Sector 9, Vashi,
Navi Mumbai-400703



Clinic Timings

Monday to Saturday: 10 am to 8 pm
Sunday hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Dr Arun has done his advanced Fellowships and Diplomas in Facial Plastic Surgery, Facial Aesthetics, Medical Aesthetics & Hair Transplant from Lebanon, South Korea, Germany. The international exposures help him to deliver the best as per the global protocols.

because experience matters


Dr Arun has more than 18 years of vast experience in the field of Cranio-Facial Surgery. His rich experience of good and bad helps him to decide the best for the patient without a bias.

We use the best so we deliver the best


The Elements of Facial Aesthetics is a centre of excellence for all the Facial aesthetic concerns of patients.  The centre is equipped with the state of art devices and products that is today available to deliver the best possible results to patients.

no compromise in quality


Dr Arun believes in delivering the best quality at very affordable price range so that even the common man can afford the aesthetic services. So, go ahead, transform yourself, because you are worth it!

We are located in Vashi, Navi Mumbai

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