Enhance Your Feminine Silhouette: Breast Implant Surgery in Navi Mumbai

Breast Augmentation and Implantation

You can recommend breast augmentation or breast augmentation surgery if you lack a pleasing breast profile and are looking for a long-term solution. The patients often refer to Breast augmentation as “boob job” or ‘breast augmentation’. The operation is medically called ‘mammoplasty augmentation’. It is a surgical procedure to raise the size of the breasts and establish symmetry.


  1. Mammoplasty for the fat transfer- When fat is used from another part of the body to add fullness to the breast, it is known as mammoplasty for fat transfer. It can be achieved through injections or liposuction. Generally, fat is eliminated from the chest, hips, and thighs. The fat cells are inserted into the breasts after preparation and refinement. This approach is less traditional, and research is still going on to understand its efficacy and protection.
  2. Breast implantation- Breast implants are inserted under the muscles of the chest or breast tissue in this operation.

Option and types of Breast Implants.

  1. Saline breast implants- Sterile water-filled implants are saline water implants, as the name implies. The implant will fail if the membrane of the implant leaks and the body absorbs and spontaneously expels the saline. Uniform shape and firmness are given by this type of implant. This is primarily available in the US and is approved for women over 18 years of age by the FDA.
  2. Structured saline breast implants- Not only are these implants packed with sterile saline water, they also have an inner structure that holds the implant better than saline breast implants.
  3. Silicone breast implants- These are cohesive breast implants filled with silicone gel that give the breast a more natural look. It’s elastic and smooth. It does not fail if the implant leaks and the gel persists or escapes within the shell of the implant and is collected in the pocket of the breast implant. Since 2001, the FDA has approved silicone breast implants.
  4. Textured breast implant- A scar tissue is formed by this kind of implant so that the implant sticks, get repositioned, and moves less. This minimizes the close scar capsule risk.
  5. Smooth breast implants-These are soft breast implants that move to give a natural look to the breast.
  6. Gummy bear breast implant-Form-stable implants filled with cohesive gel are gummy bear breast implants. Even after the shell is destroyed, they retain the form. Within it, the silicone gel present is thick inconsistency. It is firmer in contrast to conventional implants.
  7. Round breast implants- Because round breast implants all have the same shape compared to form-stable implants, it gives the breast a fuller look.

A traditional breast augmentation patient’s Motivation cannot be described. For many reasons’ women may choose to have this procedure. Below are the typical objectives of having a breast augmentation.

But let’s look at some of the reasons why Breast Augmentation surgery is the most suitable for you.

  • Small breast size females who want to increase breast projection and fullness to feel more positive and boost self-image.
  • After breastfeeding and birth, to recover the missing breast volume.
  • To boost the balance between the curvy contours of the hip and breast.
  • Too small a breast size has become a matter of trouble and shame.
  • Breasts that are asymmetrical.
  • Both or one breast have an elongated shape or have not usually developed.
  • Rebuilding Breast after injury or mastectomy

What should be expected from breast augmentation or implantation surgery?

After the surgery, you are brought to the recovery room to monitor you closely. You are permitted to go home within an hour or so until the condition is safe. Breast is wrapped with gauze during healing. To encourage breast and reduce swelling, a supportive bra or elastic bandage is recommended. The pain subsides in 1-5 days, but it may take a few weeks for swelling and soreness of the breasts to go down. The breasts would be vulnerable to jarring motions and physical touch for a few days.

They are withdrawn at a follow-up appointment if non-dissolving sutures are applied. Also, it will be removed during the follow-up appointment if drainage tubes are added. If you had a sub-pectoral incision, then your breasts will appear to settle high on the chest for the first few days, but after a few months, they’ll sit in the ideal position. It takes a few weeks to get the final results. It can take several months to years for incision lines to decay.

In order to shape the breast, patients who had a small breast or inherent asymmetry before surgery may have to wear a bandeau.

The wellbeing of the Breast is not compromised by a breast implant. No correlation between systemic disease and autoimmune disease and breast implantation has been identified to date. No lifetime outcome is assured by Breast implant surgery. Some patients will also need to swap implants or raise their breasts in the future to regain their youthful breast form. In the future, aging, weight changes, gravity, menopause, and pregnancy can also affect the appearance of the enhanced breast.

Regular breast examination is a must to determine breast health and the effects of the breast implant after the procedure.

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