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Microneedling for Eyebrow Restoration and Eyebrow enhancement in Navi Mumbai.

Microneedling is a type of cosmetic treatment that addresses various effects of aging. It’s also nicknamed skin needling because of its effects on increasing collagen production in the skin.

Microneedling involves the use of a skin roller with small needles that causes minor skin injuries.

While used as an anti-aging skin treatment, micro-needling may also be a method of treatment for hair loss. There’s even evidence that it can help a special type of hair loss known as alopecia areata.

Micro-Needling is a form of cosmetic treatment for aging face & hair development. It needs the use of rollers with micro-needles that trigger micro-injuries and help to stimulate scalp stem cells that lead to hair growth.

It also allows for the consumption of hair growth medications such as minoxidil, a growth factor mesotherapy.

It is often assumed that the same mechanism of making wounds in the skin regenerates the protection of the hair follicles. It’s thought that this can lead to new hair growth, or maybe, as seen in androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness, it can thicken thinning hair.

Microneedling for hair loss benefits

Microneedling first acquired its reputation during the 1990s as a scar treatment. It has also been researched for androgenic alopecia and alopecia areata as a possible replacement or adjunctive therapy.

In addition to the development of collagen in the skin, which is believed to be one of the reasons why it may be helpful for acne scars, microneedling is believed to also help induce Trusted Source stem cells in hair follicles that can contribute to hair growth.

Microneedling may also promote the absorption of products used to treat your hair loss, such as:

  1. Minoxidil (Rogaine)
  2. Topical steroid
  3. Platelet-rich plasma

How it works

A roller with needles on it is used by the healthcare provider during microneedling.

Needle sizes can vary in length from less than 1 millimeter to a few millimeters. All of them are stored in a handheld unit. The system is rolled around the treatment area, often called a roller, causing minor injuries.

Some believe that, as a result of the small injury caused, microneedling can cause the release of factors that promote hair growth or even directly stimulate hair growth.

A topical anesthetic will be administered to your scalp by your healthcare provider about 45 minutes prior to treatment. This helps decrease any discomfort that you may experience.

Depending on the size of the treatment area, the actual procedure time can vary, but it normally takes less than 10 minutes. Your healthcare provider can apply a topical balm to the area after the scalp microneedling is done, or perform an injection, depending on what the purpose of the microneedling session is.

Microneedling may be a promising hair loss treatment, particularly for androgenic alopecia especially in small areas like eyebrow and even beard, to add to any current treatment regimens.

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