Body Contouring Surgery in Navi Mumbai

Body Contouring Surgery in Navi Mumbai

Body contouring is a collection of cosmetic surgeries conducted to change the appearance of arms, legs, back, stomach, and torso and rejuvenate them. It is for you whether you have an excess of fat built up, or you want to decrease the symptoms of aging body contouring.

There is a wide range of body contouring processes available, such as implants or body lifting, and minimally invasive procedures such as sculpting. Your aesthetic criteria and budget determine which one is better for you.

‘Body contouring with silicone implants’ is one of the leading body reshaping treatments.

With Silicone Implants, Body Contouring

Body contouring with silicone implants has become a more common and exceptional technique. It encourages the improvement of various parts of the body and provides long-lasting enlargement. It improves the treated body part’s form, size, and definition.

Silicone or dimethyl siloxane implants come in the form of gels, rubbers, and fluids and are a synthetic polymer.

Silicone implants are solid and liquid in two ways. Solid silicone body contouring implants are versatile, strong, soft, reliable, and safe. There is no chance that they can leak out, unlike liquid silicone implants that are used for breast augmentation. There is still no clinical cancer diagnosis from a solid implant or even a liquid implant. It is a stable method that produces a long outcome.

With the aid of silicone implants such as pectoral, calf, gluteal, deltoid, biceps, trapezius, and triceps, different anatomical regions may be corrected. Location and proper pocket dissection are paramount for successful implant placement.

Types of implants used in Body contouring:

You can classify body contouring implants into two categories:

Generic implants—Such as chest implants, buttock implants, and calf implants.

Special implants-Cosmetic implants for the hip and thigh, pelvic implants, deltoid implants, and implants for bicep/triceps.

Body Contouring Triggers of Silicone Implants

For cosmetic purposes as well as to address practical problems, silicone body implants are used. To fix injury-related and genetic concerns, pectoral implants, deltoid implants, bicep or triceps implants, and calf implants are often used. They help fix congenital disorders that are reconstructive and crippling. On the other hand, when used for cosmetic enhancement, silicone implants enhance self-confidence and improve self-image.

Precautions of Silicone Implant Before Body Contouring

In general, you need to follow the guidelines below to prepare yourself for body contouring with silicone implants, regardless of what implant to place:

  1. Two weeks before your operation is scheduled, stop smoking.
  2. Stop drinking a week before the insertion of the implant.
  3. Stop taking herbal and anti-inflammatory drugs for up to 2 weeks before surgery.
  4. To ensure that you are fit for a silicone implant, laboratory tests and physical exams are conducted.
  5. If you have an allergy, have had surgery in the past, have any chronic condition, or alert your surgeon if you are taking any medication at present.
  6. Inform your surgeon if you get ill before surgery so that he/she can determine if you are fit for body contouring with a silicone implant after reviewing your health condition.
  7. Bring an adult with you on the day of implant placement to drive you back home and also organize someone to stay with you for a few days.