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Ear Reconstruction

What is Ear reconstruction surgery?

Ear reconstruction surgery is a staged Facial Cosmetic surgical procedure aimed to reconstruct or restore the missing, the underdeveloped, or deformed external ear may be from birth (congenital) or trauma or cancer surgery. The surgical procedure basically is performed in stages in which patients’ own rib cartilage is taken to reconstruct the external ear. The surgery gives a near-normal appearance to the distorted or missing ear which greatly improves the self-esteem of a patient.

How is Ear reconstruction surgery performed?

The surgical procedure is performed in stages. In the first stage, cartilage is taken from the ribs and used to create a three-dimensional sculpture that looks like a normal ear. This framework is then placed under the skin at the site of the ear to match the opposite ear. The second stage is performed about 6 months later once the first stage has completely healed. The framework is elevated off the side of the head to match the natural position of a normal ear. Skin tissues are taken from sides of the head or skin graft can be taken from other parts of the body to create a near-normal ear. Sometimes an implant may be used in place of cartilage. In that case, the surgery can be done in single sitting itself but has a chance of failure as it’s a foreign body.

What to expect after Ear reconstruction surgery?

One can expect a near-normal ear that has been missing from birth or was lost due to some kind of trauma. It appears like a normal ear and can even take the load of the spectacle frame. No doubt, ear reconstruction surgery delivers results that could change an individual’s life in terms of self-esteem and self-confidence.

How to go-ahead for the procedure with Dr. Arun once you have decided?

Dr. Arun Panda is a fellowship-trained Facial Cosmetic Surgeon. He is well experienced in various Facial plastic surgeries, Non-surgical Facial aesthetic procedures, and Hair Transplant surgery. His practice is totally dedicated to what he mentions as “creating beautiful faces”!

Ear reconstruction surgery is a highly skilled surgery and requires teamwork and massive patient compliance. It’s of paramount importance that the patients understand the need for multiple surgeries. It is also important to understand that the new ear would be almost similar to the natural one but bound to have some differences. Dr. Arun spends a lot of time explaining the patients and parents regarding the surgery, its recovery process, complications, pros and cons, and other related details of the surgery before going ahead with the investigations and finalizing the surgery.

Statistics (scale of 1 to 10):

Invasiveness: 10
Pain factor: 7
Patient satisfaction: 10

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