PRP injections for Lip rejuvenation

PRP injections for Lip rejuvenation

In today’s selfie world, Lips play a very important role in physical appearance and self-confidence.

Lips lose color and fullness with aging. Additionally, they lose clarity and brightness. Dry, lifeless lips can also be caused by bad habits like smoking or not getting enough water. Cracked lips due to intake of certain medications, hormonal changes, and weather conditions are another major concern that many patients complain of.
One of the most sought-after treatment modalities for lip rejuvenation is with Hyaluronic acid injections. Today many clinics offer HA injections to volumize the lips and make them look more attractive. The drawback of HA injections is the cost involved. HA injections cost a lot as the cost per syringe from the manufacturer itself is high. Of course, HA injections only can bring about the desired volume gain in the lips if the patient’s chief complaint is loss of volume.

Today, Platelet rich plasma therapy is being used in many clinics, like Bodyskulpt Aesthetics to bring about a lots of rejuvenation in the ageing lips. PRP has been proved to restore the quality and appearance of the lips. PRP injections are a great alternative to hyaluronic acid for those who want to moisturize their lips without the strong effect of augmentation, get rid of dryness and make lips look healthy and beautiful. Lips may be readily improved with PRP injections. They become hydrated, get rid of cracks and flakes, and lipstick always applies evenly. There are no adverse effects or allergic responses from the procedure.

Is PRP treatment only for the lips?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections are a natural treatment that uses patients’ own blood to rejuvenate skin cells and stimulate collagen production. Apart from collagen and elastin, PRP injections also improve the production of hyaluronic acid, which helps to enhance the texture and look of facial skin. Although PRP therapy cannot replace surgical facelift treatment for sagging skin, it can greatly improve the state of the skin, get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, and go back at least three to five years in time.

The lips have traditionally been regarded as a seductive, alluring, and interesting region. They have inspired others and encouraged people to fall in love with them. Many women are naturally endowed with beautiful lips, but many are not. The desire to have sensual lips have often persuaded many women to get various procedures done to enhance their attractiveness.

The lip PRP procedure provides incredible hydration, making the lips extra attractive and unique. PRP therapy helps restore the quality of the lips by keeping them hydrated. It also helps to restore the lost color of the lips and makes them healthier.

If a patient requires to have a more natural result or wants to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, a PRP is one of the best treatments to smooth the lips.

How is PRP for lips performed?

At Bodyskulpt Aesthetics, we try and make the most out of natural products. Our motto “young forever” makes us perform procedures that are targeted to reverse the signs of aging.

PRP treatment requires first taking a blood sample from the patient and separating the plasma with PRP tubes in a centrifuge. While the PRP is being produced, we anesthetize the lips with either anesthetic creams or numbing injections depending on the pain threshold of the patient, that’s because we at Bodyskulpt Aesthetics, try and make the procedures as painless as possible so that the patients are comfortable throughout the procedure. Injections are then applied evenly to the lips to increase collagen formation. PRP can be directly injected into the lip mucosa for rejuvenation or sometimes can be made as a plasma gel which is obtained by adding a special thermostat to the plasma to create some amount of volume. The patient can go for at least 2 injections of PRP 3-4 weeks apart to start observing changes. The number of injections would depend on the number of changes the patient is looking out for.

What are the advantages of PRP treatment for lips?

PRP injections are totally autologous. That means the injection material is produced from the patient’s own blood and no chemical compound is added. The body’s compatibility is guaranteed as the material is the patient’s own. No complications. Allergic reactions or rejection are extremely rare. Virtually no rehab time and no side effects.

What is the cost of Lip PRP for rejuvenation?

As mentioned above, at Bodyskulpt aesthetics, we try and give the best that’s deemed necessary for the patient. If volume is not a requirement for the patient, PRP therapy gives the best results for rejuvenation. Our approximate lost for Lip PRP treatment is around Rs 3000-5000 per session. Patients can contact us for more details of the procedures and the results that can be expected after sessions of PRP for lips.