Face Sclupting Treatment in Navi Mumbai

Face sculpting

What is Face Sculpting?

Sharp features of the face are what everyone desires for in today’s highly aesthetic-oriented society. The chiseled, well-contoured appearance of the face includes prominent cheeks, flat buccal area, sharp jawline, tight skin, etc.

Facial sculpting or facial contouring is basically a combination of various elective cosmetic procedures that reshape the facial contours and thereby improve the general appearance of the face. The goals are to improve the proportions of the face and overall facial features.

How is a well-contoured face achieved?

There are various procedures performed to target particular areas of the face. These includes:

  • Augmentation of areas of the face like the malar, chin, lips, etc. using facial implants and dermal fillers.
  • Reducing the facial fat like the submental fat using liposuction or lipolytic agents or cryolipolysis.
  • Reducing the buccal area fullness by buccal fat pad removal.
  • Reducing the masseter hypertrophy either by surgical excision of masseter or botulinum toxin.
  • Tightening of lax skin for defining the contours of face using high intensity focussed ultrasound or radiofrequency.

What to expect after Face Sculpting procedures?

Facial Sculpting requires multiple procedures to be performed on the face. Every individuals’ needs and expectations are different. Hence no two individuals can have similar results. But in general, once a patient undergoes facial sculpting procedures, an overall well-balanced and well-contoured face with sharp features is what one can expect. This may include a prominent cheek, sharp jawline, smooth mandibular angles, sharper jaw to neck angle, tighter skin, etc.

How to go-ahead for the procedure with Dr. Arun once you have decided?

Dr. Arun Panda is a fellowship-trained Facial Cosmetic Surgeon. He is well experienced in various Facial plastic surgeries, Non-surgical Facial aesthetic procedures, and Hair Transplant surgery. His practice is totally dedicated to what he mentions as “creating beautiful faces”!

Every patient’s requirement for a well-contoured face is different and it needs to be individualized. Hence Dr. Arun spends a lot of time understanding the needs of the patient. Once the need is understood, a treatment plan is drawn. Since contouring may need surgical interventions as well as non-surgical procedures, the patient may require multiple sittings.   Dr. Arun would explain all the procedures that would be required to have an overall contoured face, its recovery, complications, pros and cons, and other related details of the procedures before going ahead with the investigations and finalizing the surgery.

Statistics (scale of 1 to 10):

Invasiveness: 7
Pain factor: 6
Patient satisfaction: 10