Cost of Beard Hair Transplant in Navi Mumbai

Cost of Beard Transplant in Navi Mumbai

Beard transplant in Navi Mumbai.

Men are often associated with strong masculinity and high self-esteem with a full and evenly grown beard. In today’s fashion, a well-grown beard is considered a sign of smartness, and a guy is considered hot with a designer beard. A rise in the demand for beard transplants can be attributed to the popularity of long and bushy beards. The cost of beard transplants is quite high in countries like the US or Europe. A beard transplant at Bodyskulpt Aesthetics in Navi Mumbai is a good option for patients looking for affordable and quality treatment.

What are the causes of uneven or no beard growth in men?

Genetics: Majority of cases, genetics is the cause that determines the quality, type, thickness, and density of beard hair. If the thickness of beard hair is good, it’s very easy to flaunt a designer beard.

Age: Facial hair keeps growing to almost the age of 25-30 years. Expecting full-grown hair at age of 18 or 20 years isn’t the right way to go. Individuals should wait for that age to reach full growth.

Alopecia areata: A autoimmune condition, where T-lymphocytes affect the growth of hair follicles in the scalp, beard, and mustache. This causes coin-shaped patches of hair loss.

Low testosterone levels: a few studies have indicated that low levels of testosterone can significantly affect hair growth and cause patchy and uneven beard growth.

What factors affect the cost of a beard transplant in Navi Mumbai?

The cost of a beard transplant procedure in Navi Mumbai depends on the following factors:

Experience of the surgeon – An experienced surgeon in the field of Hair transplant would definitely charge higher fees for performing a hair transplant surgery.
Results delivered by the surgeon- Well know hair transplant surgeons would definitely publish their results on social media and websites. This would indicate that the surgeon performs a number of cases. Definitely, this surgeon would charge a bit more than surgeons who do not perform many cases of hair transplant and beard transplants.

Type of Clinic – A clinic that is very well equipped, with an ample number of staff, with the latest technology and most importantly having all emergency protocols in place would offer higher prices than a normal clinic.

Area of coverage to be made- A definite factor is the area of the beard that needs to be covered. The time taken to perform the surgery would depend on the number of follicles that are required to be transplanted.

What are the Risks and side effects of a beard transplant?

Facial hair transplant surgery isn’t a very complicated surgery. An experienced surgeon with a background in facial hair transplant procedures can easily perform a Beard transplant without any complications. But like with any other hair transplant surgery, the procedure carries a risk of bleeding, scars, and infection. Darker skin patients could have scars that could be more visible than lighter skin patients.

What’s the cost of a Beard Transplant at Bodyskulpt Aesthetics?

Dr. Arun Panda is a renowned CranioMaxillofacial and Facial Cosmetic Surgeon with over 20 years of experience in the field of Facial Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplants. At Bodyskulpt Aesthetics, all procedures are performed by or under the strict supervision of Dr. Arun. Our in-house Operation theatre has state-of-the-art equipment. Our cost of beard transplant starts from 35000 INR depending on the area to be covered. we always ask our patients to send the photographs or come and have a consultation before deciding on the procedure.