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Trinity Aesthetics Academy, a brain child of  Dr. Arun Panda was founded in 2015. With the intention of training and educating the health care professionals in the field of Facial Aesthetics and Hair restoration, the academy today stands as a bench mark in supporting, tutoring and uplifting the skills of physicians and medical practitioners in the ever growing field of Facial Cosmetology.

Trinity represents the 3 main subdivisions in Facial Aesthetics: Facial Plastic Surgery, Non-invasive Aesthetics & Hair Restoration.

Complete knowledge in Facial aesthetics requires knowledge in the depth of all three aspects. To take Facial Aesthetics to a bigger platform, Dr. Arun conducts numerous workshops and seminars in all three aspects of Facial Aesthetics. These workshops are conducted at Dr Arun’s practice “BODYSKULPT AESTHETICS”.

The workshops include lectures, discussions, Patients demonstrations, and most importantly hands-on procedures to be performed by doctors on patients under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Arun. Since the practice caters to all the Facial aesthetic needs of the patients, participating doctors invariably are benefitted from witnessing patients with multiple aesthetic problems and their treatment modalities. In any specialty of medicine, it’s a rule that the more you see and practice, the more you are equipped for the next.

The continuous flow of aesthetic patients to the practice is what makes the participating doctors see and understand a wide variety of aesthetic issues and their treatment options and modalities.  Since the center is equipped with practically all types of lasers, gadgets, and products, the participants have the advantage of understanding the equipment that is necessary for their future practices. They can also have the first-hand experience of each and every piece of equipment, understand how they work, and visualize their results, before deciding on what products to purchase for their practices.

The workshops are always in small groups so that the whole group can discuss the cases and can have individual interactions with each other and the mentor. The smaller groups make the participants feel like their own practice and can interact with the patients too.

Dr. Arun follows the philosophy that knowledge should never be kept to oneself and should always be shared. Following this principle, Dr. Arun delivers numerous seminars, lectures, and online webinars. His social media profiles like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc are flooded with educational videos and live videos of facial aesthetic procedures. When it comes to his workshops, he makes sure that the participants take back home the maximum knowledge that’s possible. Post workshops too, the participants are connected with him on WhatsApp, so that any discussions and clarification regarding patients can be easily and immediately be resolved.

Please do follow the Facebook profile of Trinity Aesthetics Academy to know more about the workshops, courses, and lectures organized by Dr. Arun.


Review from Facebook: “I had the privilege to learn Facial Aesthetics from Dr. Arun and Dr. Aarthi. I’m impressed with the teaching approach of bringing science, the technique, and the art of facial aesthetics together. Dr. Arun and Dr. Aarthi not only discuss the problem and issues faced by the patient but also able to formulate an algorithm for managing these facial skin conditions. Different approaches were employed in managing these conditions. They were also very open about discussing past complications and how to avert these in the future. Old cases were also shown and the outcome of the treatments employed was discussed. I was delighted with the outcome and was very impressed with the course. Today 1 year after the course I have already embarked on facial aesthetic in a bigger way than before. It’s a good course with good teachers. Thank you very much, Dr. Arun and Dr. Aarthi. God bless you and wishing you the very best.
Bodyskulpt Aesthetics Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Navi Mumbai
Dr. G.K.Ananda, Malaysia.
Review from Facebook: “Dr. Arun panda sir and Aarti mam are excellent in all the aspects of teaching theoretically as well as the practical approach while dealing with aesthetics… I had taken a four-day course on aesthetics and hair transplant and just that gave me so much confidence that I started my facial aesthetics practice within few days…and on top of that sir is always helpful for clearing any doubts about treatment protocols. So its a lifetime guidance..”
Bodyskulpt Aesthetics Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Navi Mumbai
Dr. Komal Dharsiyani, Uganda
Review on Facebook: “The best academy in India to learn aesthetic work.. good amount of theoretical knowledge on aesthetics and ample amount of patients hands-on for every student …I have been doing exclusive facial aesthetic practice for 2 years. It is just due sir and the madam who made it possible by guiding me nicely. I am thankful to Arun sir and Aarti mam for their guidance and support… highly recommended for all practitioners who want to start aesthetic work…just do the aesthetic course with Dr. Arun and see the level of confidence you get when the course gets over.”
Bodyskulpt Aesthetics Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Navi Mumbai
Dr. Shakti Shahoo, Odisha

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