Skin whitening treatment in Navi Mumbai

Cost of Skin whitening treatment in Navi Mumbai

Skin whitening or skin lightening treatments are form of medical therapies that attempts to lighten the skin tone, improve the skin complexion and brighten up the natural skin. Melanin is a substance that is continuously produces in the upper layer of skin which actually gives the color to the skin of an individual. The production house of melanin is a cell called Melanocyte, that works tirelessly to produce melanin. Activation of this cells due to various reasons like sun exposure, trauma or hormones can cause excessive amount of production of melanin. So the whole concept of skin lightening revolves around reducing the production of melanin.

At Bodyskulpt Aesthetics, when we receive patients requesting for skin whitening therapy, we take detailed medical history before we proceed for any treatment plan. Its very important for us to understand the patients expectations and explain what can be expected out of the whole treatment. Once we examine the patient, we advise the various modalities that can usually help to reduce the overall pigmentations and make the skin tone lighter. Depending on the type of skin tone, there are various modalities that work in synergy to have great result, which includes skin polishing, performing in-office chemical peels, lasers, IV glutathione injections supplemented by oral glutathione and vitamin C, reduction in sun exposure, using skin brightening serums etc. The best results can be expected with the combination of all the therapies.

An approximate cost chart that could help our patients to plan their treatment are as mentioned below.

Cost of Chemical peels per session – Rs 2500- 3500

Cost of Skin polishing per session – Rs 2500- 5500

IV glutathione per session – Rs 4000 – 5500

The cost varies depending on the area of concern, number of sessions taken and so on.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to understand which treatment suits you the most and what would give you the best results.