Intimate Zone Aesthetic Surgeries in Mumbai

Intimate Zone Aesthetic Surgeries

There are various cosmetic procedures that are today routinely performed in intimate zones. The procedures are today better known as genital aesthetic procedures. Following are some procedures we routinely perform at our center.

Fat Injections:  The aging process also influences the female genital area. There is a substantial amount of fat loss and outer vaginal lips thin out and sag. We can harvest fat from the abdomen and after processing, the purified fat can be injected into both the pubic area and the outer vaginal lips, creating a full and youthful appearance.

Labiaplasty: This is a surgical procedure performed to alter the appearance of labia, especially labia minora. The inner lips are trimmed and reduced in size and sutured with resorbable stitches. A labiaplasty is a simple daycare surgery that can increase your confidence, improve comfort in clothing and dressing and improve sexual pleasure.

Vaginoplasty: This surgical procedure reconstructs the vagina. It corrects the increased elasticity of the vagina’s outer walls resulting from pregnancy and childbirth and also due to aging.

Hymenoplasty: Hymenoplasty is a cosmetic procedure to repair or reconstruct the hymen. Also known as revirginization, the main aim of this procedure is to regain the hymen’s former anatomic structure.