Chemical Peeling Clinic in Navi Mumbai

Chemical Peeling in Navi Mumbai

What is Chemical Peel treatment?

Chemical peeling is the application of chemical agents to the skin, which causes controlled destruction of a part of or the entire epidermis with or without the dermis leading to exfoliation of the superficial lesions followed by regeneration of new epidermal and dermal tissues.

The agents used are naturally occurring or synthesized chemicals at varying concentrations. These not only treat certain skin conditions like acne but also takes care of aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles, etc.

Why does one require a Chemical Peel treatment?

There are various indications of chemical peels including but not limited to acne, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, dull complexion, melasma, improving fine lines & wrinkles, age spots, etc.

How is a Chemical Peel treatment done?

2 weeks prior to the actual peeling session, patients are kept on skin priming care to improve results and reduce potential side effects. During the peel session, the facial skin is prepared first by a thorough cleansing. Chemical agents are applied depending on the indication. Once specified time, about 3-4 minutes, have lapsed as per manufacturers recommendation, the peels are neutralized with neutralizers or washed off with cold water. Certain peels are left on peels which need to be kept for 5-6 hours. Patients are discharged with strict postoperative strict instructions including avoidance of sun exposure.

What to expect and how to go ahead with the treatments with Dr. Arun once you have decided?

Dr. Arun Panda is a fellowship-trained Facial Cosmetic Surgeon. He is well experienced in various Facial plastic surgeries, Non-surgical Facial aesthetic procedures, and Hair Transplant surgery. His practice is totally dedicated to what he mentions as “creating beautiful faces”! Nonsurgical facial aesthetic procedures require an aesthetic approach and a multitude of equipment to deliver satisfactory results. His practice is equipped with every possible device and lasers to deliver the best possible aesthetics. His international training helps him to have a global and realistic approach to all facial aesthetic concerns.  

Chemical peels are a very tricky treatment and should not be attempted at home. Dr. Arun evaluates the patient’s condition in detail before finalizing what type and concentration of peels would deliver the best results. Sometimes patients pre-peel sessions need to be modified to get better results and to keep complications to the minimum. Depending on the clinical examination and evaluation, the number of sessions of peel treatment, its outcomes, and the pros and cons will be discussed in detail before initializing the treatment.

Statistics (scale of 1 to 10):

Invasiveness: 2-3
Pain factor: 2
Patient satisfaction: 10