Facial Aesthetics Tourism in India

Facial Aesthetic Tourism

We welcome patients from across the country and globe to visit our beautiful city Mumbai, called the “city of dreams”.  We can plan any Facial Plastic Surgery or Hair Transplant procedure as per your requirement and deliver it once you land with us on priority. You can combine the treatment with leisure. We can organize your stay, and touring around the city as per your likings.

Facial Plastic and Hair Transplant procedures requires the Facial Cosmetic Surgeon to have extensive training and years of experience to deliver the best results. Hence choosing the right doctor to perform the surgery on your face is of paramount importance, even if it takes to travel. We deliver the best of the results at the best possible treatment charges for any Facial Aesthetic concerns.

So this is how it works :

Step 1 – Online assessment-  We provide online consultations wherein we discuss the issues, derive a treatment plan, discuss the surgery in detail including the cost, etc. If agreed on, we advise for laboratory investigations and any other investigations required.

Step 2 – Documentation- Once the treatment is planned, we provide the time frame and give the dates on priority as per the patient’s suitability. We help in visa procedures if the patient is traveling from overseas.

Step 3- Visit- We can help in arranging for transportation, stay, transfers, local tourism, etc so that the patient’s visit remains a memorable one.

Step 4- Before treatment- Physical examination, clinical evaluation, preparing case files, discussion on any other doubts of the patients, pre-anesthetic evaluation if required are performed in detail.

Step 5- Surgery- As planned, the surgery is carried on. The patient is explained about recovery and discharged depending on the procedure.

Step 6- Post-treatment- Post-surgery online and video consultations and follow-ups are meticulously done from our end to evaluate the changes and discuss any concerns and issues.

This is very important to understand the patient’s recovery and wellbeing and hence we emphasize a lot on continuous follow-ups.

So, if you have any facial aesthetic, facial plastic, or hair related concerns, go ahead, book an appointment. We promise to deliver the best results possible at the best possible treatment charges.