Facial Aesthetics and Cosmetology Course in Mumbai, India by Dr. Arun Panda
Aesthetics and Cosmetology is a rapidly expanding medical field today. People are taking better care of their skin and are becoming more aware of the effects of aging. This has resulted in the development of new lasers and technology that aid in the enhancement of one’s appearance. The demand for trained staff is growing as plastic surgery and Dermato-Cosmetology Centers meet the increased demand for better looks. Trinity Institute, founded by Dr. Arun Panda, offers
Best Laser Hair Removal Centre in Navi Mumbai
The new and improved hair removal solution is now available! We have not only improved our services over the last 15 years, but we have also taken a keen interest in bringing you the most cutting-edge dermatology technology. Only FDA-approved triple wavelength lasers with the highest safety and efficacy are used. For clear and healthy results, 7-10 sessions are required on average; each session is spaced once a month and can be described for any
Cheek Implant Full Surgery Video by Dr Arun Panda for Midface Volumization in Navi Mumbai
Cheek augmentation, also known as midface modification, is frequently overlooked when it comes to facial cosmetic procedures. Because the upper and lower parts of the face are more likely to develop wrinkles, many patients and facial plastic surgeons concentrate on those areas. However, there are a number of valid reasons why patients may seek cheek augmentation, whether through fillers or cheek implants. Some patients are unhappy with their natural bone structure and desire a more