Certificate program in Cosmetic Lasers

Certificate program in Cosmetic Lasers

The certificate course in Cosmetic Lasers is a 1 day / 8 hours of extensive hands-on training for Lasers in Cosmetic medicine and surgery for various indications. The participating doctors get to learn and understand the concepts of utilizing all kinds of lasers that are indicated in Cosmetic medicine with proper protocols to reduce the chances of complications during their practice.

Lasers are one of the most sought after treatment modalities for various concerns in regards to cosmetic medicine and surgery. The usage of Lasers have grown dramatically due to its effectiveness, faster recovery and better healing. The contact program constitutes discussion and full-time patient hands-on for energy based devices and their indications.

The discussions include that of:

  • Skin Anatomy in detail
  • Physics behind energy based devices
  • Various Lasers and energy based devices available- CO2, Diode, Q switched Ndyag, IPL etc
  • Skin preparation before usage of energy based devices.
  • Indications- Laser hair reduction, scar treatment, acne treatment etc
  • Preventing and managing complications.

The Hands-on exposure would include:

  • Practically handling all kinds of Laser machines
  • Preparing the patient for receiving Laser treatment
  • Performing Laser treatment for various indications like Acne, Laser hair reduction, scars, anti-ageing, tattoo removal, pigmentations, etc.

The certificate course is designed to help doctors of varied streams to incorporate the financially rewarding and easy to perform energy based devices into their practice to handle very common aesthetic concerns of the patients like acne, scars, hair reduction, pigmentations & tattoo removal, anti-ageing etc. The enumerable amount of case discussions and patients with ample amount of hands-on provides adequate confidence for the doctors to kick start laser treatment into their practice.

Since good quality FDA approved Lasers are very expensive, it is practically very difficult for every doctor to buy them into their practices at the beginning. As we have all kinds of best in class FDA approved Lasers in our practice that delivers best results, we also provide support to our participating doctors by welcoming them in getting and treating their patients in our practice “Bodyskulpt Aesthetics” with the guidance of Dr Arun. Since the center is fully equipped and we perform Lasers practically everyday, the doctors can also utilize the infrastructure and provide the treatment to their patients at very low cost.

The cosmetic Laser training program is usually done in smaller groups of 2-3 participating doctors. The course fees include the lectures and discussions, hands-on patients and materials, certification, textbooks and study materials, and hospitality.

The most important aspect of the whole program is post-course help and support in managing patients indicated for Cosmetic Laser treatment. Support for setting up an aesthetic practice, to procuring the materials, to managing and treating patients would be provided unconditionally. Dr. Arun does not differentiate between a participant of his program or a nonparticipating doctor in terms of helping with any queries related to Facial plastic surgery, Facial aesthetics and Hair transplants. He believes in helping anyone and everyone under his capability in case of difficulties. He also welcomes all doctors who require any help in terms of infrastructure, machines, lasers, operation theatre or services to treat their patients, to his state of art practice “Bodyskulpt Aesthetics”.

Please get in touch with us to enroll in our workshops at (+91) 9004884883.