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High-density Hair Transplantation Navi Mumbai

High-density Hair Transplantation Navi Mumbai at Bodyskulpt Aesthetics

In the world of hair transplantation, ‘high-density hair transplantation is a new trend. Patients demand high density, but it cannot be provided in every case because it requires both donor area strength and stability, as well as the surgeon’s ability to precisely using the grafts to provide an aesthetic and optimal outcome of the hair restoration procedure. Follicles are implanted for specific densities ranging from 30 to 40 follicular units per square centimeter in an average hair transplant case. In the highest grade of baldness, nearly 2000 follicular units are required to cover the frontal area as well as the mid-scalp.

In the case of high-density, the number of follicular units is doubled, resulting in a density of 60 to 75 follicular units per square centimeter, and graft clusters of two to four follicular units are required in this case. Now, in order to track and save the grafts with multiple hair follicles, the clinic must have extensive and dedicated hair transplant sets up, where a greater number of grafts can be harvested with minimal damage.

Bodyskulpt Aesthetics  Hair Transplant Centre in Navi Mumbai, India, has an infrastructure that meets international standards. It is fully equipped with cutting-edge technology. It is a training center for the wings of national and international surgeons. A fully integrated operation theatre, complete with all necessary safety equipment, is specifically designed to maintain a zero-infection zone. More than 15 tables for graft cutting are equipped with German microscopes as well as video-assisted microscopes in the cutting room. These microscopes can magnify a teeny-tiny graft by 20-200 times.

As a result, Bodyskulpt Aesthetics Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre can perform high-density hair transplants. The clinic, which is conveniently located in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai, is a guarantee of getting the best hair transplant surgeon. It reflects the Clinic’s recognition and reliability in terms of the best facilities and care, which are comparable to the American standard of facilities and care at an Indian cost.

Only FUT hair transplant and the combination method of FUT+FUE hair transplant can provide a high-density hair transplant, which provides a large number of Grafts/Follicular units to cover the bald area.

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