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What is the Success Rate of Hair Transplant ? Will my Hair Fall Again after the surgery ?

In areas of the scalp with minimal or no growth at all, hair transplantation aims to restore hair growth. Hair loss and hair thinning are a common part of aging, but can also occur due to scalp trauma, poor diet, side effects of any drug, too much hair product experimentation, etc. For cosmetic or reconstructive purposes, some people who experience hair loss can opt to do hair transplantation.
Be sure to understand how effective this technique is when contemplating hair transplants. After all, no one wants to waste their time and resources being unhappy with the outcome. We can assure you that when an experienced, well-qualified doctor like Dr. Arun Panda performs the operation, this will not happen.
How are we able to be so confident?
Not only do we have highly trained and skilled clinicians who conduct this procedure, but our in-depth advice ensures that you are fully aware of your suitability for treatment.
To put it in simple words and a full proof formula
Surgeon skills + Good clinical infrastructure + technology used + patient efforts after hair transplant procedure = success of hair transplant.
In ensuring the correct surgery, clinical infrastructure plays a major role.
  • The technology that the clinic uses during surgery.
  • The surgeon who is going to perform the operation
  • Contribution to patients and support for recovery following hair transplantation.
Hair transplantation is not treated as complex as any more difficult intervention. The positive or negative outcomes of a hair transplant are determined by different factors.
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