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Achieving A Feminine V-Shape Jawline: All You Need to Know

Achieving A Feminine V-Shape Jawline: All You Need to Know

Jawline Surgeon in Mumbai
Jawline Surgeon in Mumbai

What is V-shaped jawline surgery?

From an aesthetic point of view, every individual’s face can be divided proportionately into three equal parts. The upper face ( from hair line to a point in between the eyebrows), the mid-face ( from a point in between the eyebrows and the base of the nose), and the lower face ( from the base of the nose to the tip of the chin).

An aesthetically appealing face should have all three areas equal and proportional.
The lower part of the face comprises mainly the lower jaw also called as Mandible. V-line jaw surgery is performed to narrow the appearance of the jawline or the lower part of the lower jaw or mandible. Parts of the chin and jawbone are removed and reshaped during surgery so that the jaw can recover with a more pointed shape that resembles the letter “V.”

In some cultures, femininity and female attractiveness are associated with a V-shaped jaw and chin. Since V shape jaw line is indicative of a female facial appearance, those patients who desire a more “feminine” jaw and chin shape are typically the ones who are interested in this operation.

What are the procedures that are performed during the V shape Jawline surgery?

The lower jaw angle (the corner of the lower jaw), the body of the lower jaw, and the chin are adjusted during a V-line jaw surgery. Starting from the back part of the lower jaw, also called the angle of the mandible to the chin, the entire length is reshaped. The recontouring is performed in a way to achieve a triangular shape by reducing the mandible’s wider portions.
Dr. Arun uses the most advanced machines and instruments to recontour the angle of the lower jaw. Piezosurgery is the most advanced equipment to cut bone. It reduces the time for surgery, improves the safety of surgery, reduces patient discomfort during the post-operative period and ensures faster recovery.

The angle is cut in a fashion as if it curves smoothly along the entire line of the jaw. A masculine angle is very acute and almost 90 degrees. The surgery makes it more obtuse and smooth. The chin is also shaved so that the tip at the bottom of the jaw is sharper.
The entire process is performed through the inside of the mouth and no scars are visible outside. The stitches placed are resorbable and they do not need to be removed.

What are the targeted areas for the V shape Jawline surgery?

The targeted area of improvement is the lower part of the patient’s face. This basically improves the angle, body, and chin of the lower jaw. Improvement of the lower jaw sometimes also improves the anterior neck.

Risks and Side Effects after V shape Jawline surgery?

A good V shape jawline surgery is an art that can be achieved with experienced hands only. There are a set of risks that might be involved during this particular surgery. The first is patient satisfaction. A good V-shaped jawline surgery involves proper planning and execution. Proper instrumentation like the use of piezosurgery is absolutely mandatory to recontour the angle. Nerve damage is another possible complication if the surgery is not planned well. This might lead to numbness over the lower lip and chin on the same side. The uneven shape of the chin is another mishap that can happen if proper planning is not done. Pain, bruising, swelling, bleeding, etc can happen post surgery that eventually settles after the recovery period.

Cost of V shape Jawline surgery?

A V shape Jawline surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure that’s usually asked by patients who wish to make their face more feminine. Insurance does not cover the cost of this type of surgery. The cost of the surgery would depend on many factors :
1. The experience of the surgeon
2. The place and hospital setup
3. Cost of recovery and period of stay in hospital

The average cost of V shape jawline surgery with Dr Arun Panda in a decent nursing home setup should cost about 1.25 – 1.75 L depending on what procedures need to be performed.

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