You are currently viewing Acne Scar Removal Treatment in Navi Mumbai | The Cost Of Acne Scar Treatment In Navi Mumbai
Acne Scar Removal Treatment in Navi Mumbai | The Cost Of Acne Scar Treatment In Navi Mumbai

Acne Scar Removal Treatment in Navi Mumbai | The Cost Of Acne Scar Treatment In Navi Mumbai

Acne Scar Removal Treatment in Navi Mumbai | The Cost Of Acne Scar Treatment In Navi Mumbai


Acne scars are one of the most common complaints nowadays. Acne scars not only change the appearance of the skin, but they can also be embarrassing for the patient. Acne scarring is the only complication of acne. The majority of scars appear on the skin’s surface but are actually subdermal in origin. Acne scar treatment necessitates a comprehensive approach that may include multiple modalities. Dr. Arun Panda examines your skin and recommends acne scar treatment based on your skin type and what is best for you. The majority of patients seeking acne scar treatment in Navi Mumbai have a variety of questions, which Dr. Arun Panda has addressed here.

Can Acne Scars Be Prevented?

Acne scars can only be avoided if acne is treated promptly and correctly. Acne, according to Dr. Arun Panda, is always skin deep. It is critical that not a single pimple goes untreated. Scars cannot be prevented by any home remedy other than a good Skin Specialist’s recommended treatment. Topical retinoids should be started as soon as possible to prevent the underlying inflammation that causes scarring.

How To Remove The Black Spots Left Behind By The Pimples?

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation refers to the black spots left by pimples. Pimple inflammation stimulates melanin synthesis, resulting in black spots or PIH. It is critical that patients are advised to begin using sunscreen and a good topical retinoid early in treatment. Agents such as glycolic acid and Mandelic acid may also be beneficial. The key to treating pimples or acne is to treat them as soon as possible.

Chemical peels are extremely effective in treating black spots or PIH. They can be started early on in conjunction with acne or pimple treatment. For stubborn black marks or PIH, spot chemical peels can be used. Blue light therapy is very effective in preventing PIH.

The carbon “Hollywood Peel” is an extremely effective treatment for inflammatory acne, particularly for black spots. Dr. Arun Padna employs FDA-approved Spectra Gold.

What Procedures Are Used For Which Scar Type? Is Laser Treatment The Only Treatment For Acne Scars?

Ice pick scars, which are mostly visible on the cheeks, are deeper in the skin. Microneedling radiofrequency stimulates collagen fibers by using both microneedling and radiofrequency or heat energy. The advantage of using MNRF is that it can treat at greater depths with fewer side effects. MNRF has a low risk of pigmentation in patients with darker skin types. It is critical that the MNRF system is of high quality. At Dr. Arun Panda’s Skin and Hair Solutions Bodyskulpt Aesthetic Clinic, we use the world’s first FDA-approved non-insulated needles for single pass’ treatments, as opposed to other brands that require multiple passes.

In these scars, fractional sublative rejuvenation is also beneficial. Ice pick scars are best treated with an ablative carbon dioxide laser.
Many non-ablative lasers, such as Fractional CO2 and Erbium YAG, use laser beams to achieve collagen remodeling.

Boxcar scars are the most responsive, and MNRF works best for them.

Subcision may be required to disrupt the fibrous bands that bind the skin to the underlying skin in rolling scars. A beveled needle is used during submission to release the scar, and then other modalities are effective.

How Many Sessions Are Required For Scar Removal Treatment In Navi Mumbai?

Scars can never be removed, but they can always be improved. Multiple sessions (up to 6 to 8) may be required, with treatments spaced widely apart to allow for collagen remodeling. Dr. Arun Panda’s signature style treatment ensures that minimal sessions yield maximum results.

Is There A Quick Remedy To Improve Scars?

The efficacy is determined by the type of scar. Black and red spots are the fastest to respond. Carbon peel and FSR technology produce very quick results. Chemical spot peels are extremely effective at preventing scar progression.

What Is The Cost Of Acne Scar Treatment In Navi Mumbai?

The cost of acne scar treatment in Navi Mumbai is determined by the area to be treated as well as the type of scarring. Dr. Arun Panda evaluates the number of sessions, and there is no compromise on the procedure’s safety and efficacy. The doctor performs the best and most cost-effective procedure possible. Acne scar treatment necessitates perseverance and patience.

Dr. Arun Panda takes a very holistic approach to acne and acne scar treatment. We rely on our experience at our clinic, and your safety is our top priority.

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