You are currently viewing Aesthetic medicine and cosmetology courses in India

Aesthetic medicine and cosmetology courses in India

Aesthetic medicine and cosmetology courses in India

Hands-On Certificate Course in Cosmetology, Lasers & Aesthetic Medicine in Mumbai, India

The most recent advances in clinical cosmetology represent a significant advance in the field of aesthetic medicine. All attendees receive hands-on instruction for Cosmetology courses, Aesthetic Medicine courses, and Laser Hair Removal courses at Trinity Academy, which guarantees that they graduate as qualified professionals. Trinity Academy complies with international regulations and uses a world-class curriculum.

In India, Trinity Academy offers thorough and organized medical cosmetology courses that cover both fundamental and advanced information on hair transplant techniques, aesthetic medicine, lasers, and cosmetic surgery.

When medical professionals are prepared to learn the most recent technologies and intricate details of clinical cosmetology, lasers, and aesthetic medicine, we successfully meet their demands by providing cosmetology courses for doctors as well as aesthetic medicine courses and laser hair removal courses.

Dr Arun Panda, a facial plastic surgeon, established Trinity Academy as a private institution in 2012. Mumbai, Maharashtra is where it is. Medical professionals can enrol in short-term courses in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology at Trinity Academy, a private, independently run school.

The instructing physicians practise each method on patients in front of the students during our courses, which cover every topic in detail theoretically and also give them hands-on experience.

With this method, students will be well-equipped with the information, abilities, and confidence to practise independently when the course is over. Each student will perform on model patients under the supervision of academics.

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