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Best Hair Transplant and Cosmetology training in India

Best Hair Transplant and Cosmetology training in India

I always believe that the best gift we can give to the next generation is to pass on the experience and knowledge that we have acquired over our years of practice” – says Dr. Arun, an eminent Cranio-maxillofacial surgeon of over 20 years of experience in the field of Facial Cosmetic surgery, Aesthetic medicine, Lasers, and Hair transplants.

A passionate teacher and a devoted guide, Dr. Arun has been training doctors of almost all medical specialties for almost a decade in the field of Facial Aesthetics and Hair Transplants. Over 1000 doctors from all over the globe have been trained with Dr Arun and most of them have settled with great practices.

Understanding that the country needs more trained clinicians in the field of Facial plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, lasers, hair restoration, Dr. Arun initiated training doctors under the umbrella of “Trinity Aesthetics Academy”- a premium training institute, totally focused on creating clinicians who can establish their individual practices immediately after the programs. Today Trinity Aesthetics Academy is considered one of the best hair transplant and cosmetology training centers in the country.

The programs are actually designed by Dr. Arun in such a way that even a novice in the field of Facial Aesthetics or Aesthetic medicine or lasers or hair restoration is able to grasp the subject very easily. The programs are conducted in his practice, “Dr. Arun Panda’s Bodyskulpt Aesthetics” a state of art aesthetic center located in the heart of Navi Mumbai. With a tremendous flow of patients, the center boasts itself as one of the most premium aesthetic centers of Navi Mumbai with patients coming from all over the world for treatments for all aesthetic needs like facial plastic surgery, hair restoration, anti-aging, facial deformities, skin imperfections, lasers and much more. Having such a huge patient base in his practice, Dr. Arun has been able to provide loads of clinical materials in terms of patient hands-on to the participating doctors. Having seen almost all indications and having performed almost all clinical procedures in the training program, the participating clinicians are able to gain confidence in the subject and ready to perform the procedures in their practice immediately.

As Dr. Arun believes in educating and spreading knowledge in the fields of Facial plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, and hair transplants; his social media platforms contain hundreds and thousands of educational videos that are easily accessible by anybody and everybody.

An assurance in assisting in setting up an individual practice anywhere in the country and a pledge to support everyone unconditionally in the clinical practice lifelong have helped Dr. Arun and Trinity Aesthetics Academy to be today considered the best place to train oneself in the field of Facial Aesthetics, Clinical cosmetology, Lasers, and Hair restoration.

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