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Can Hair Transplant Surgery be performed twice on the same patient if the previous results are bad

Can a Hair Transplant Be Carried Out More Than Once?

Congratulations if you’ve had a successful hair transplant! We understand how transformative a hair transplant can be in terms of one’s life and self-confidence. If you get a hair transplant when you’re young, like in your twenties, your original balding spot may spread. This means that while the area where you had hair follicles transplanted looks great, the surrounding area may thin.

This isn’t always the case just because you had your hair transplant when you were young. You may notice an area of thinning hair spreading out from the original hair transplant site if you have unpredictable hair loss or if your hair loss has simply spread to a larger area.

Don’t be concerned, whatever the case may be. It’s perfectly normal and acceptable for someone to receive multiple hair transplants. After all, the first one made you feel fantastic, so why not try again?

It’s All About Strong Donor Follicles

The number of hair transplants you can have is obviously limited by the number of ‘donor’ follicles you have. These are located around the back of the head, usually at or near the level of the ears. The ‘safe donor area,’ as it is known, contains strong follicles that grow strong hairs and are unaffected by the hormones and genetic factors that cause hair loss. During your initial hair transplant, your surgeon would have taken hair follicles from this area.

Hair follicles, both strong and weak, are limited in number in each of us. A second hair transplant may not be necessary if your supply of strong donor follicles is low or the safe donor area is small.

Aside from wanting a second hair transplant because your area of the scalp that is naturally losing hair has widened, you may also be considering one due to:

1.) Problems with hair density in the transplanted area
2.) The transplanted hair is weak and beginning to fall
3.) Your hair is suffering from ‘shock loss’ that doesn’t seem to be recovering
4.) You’re not happy with your new hairline or you’re developing a ‘plug‘ look
5.) Your hair transplant has gone wrong

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