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Face Surgeon in Navi Mumbai.Facial Aesthetics in Mumbai.

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What exactly Facial Aesthetics refer to?

Facial Aesthetics is a term utilized to describe all the procedures on the face that can “create a beautiful you”!

There are many facial aesthetic concerns which an individual complains of.

During the natural course of life, we come across acne, acne scarring, pigmentations, under-eye dark circles, and many other such things that put our confidence levels low.

Also, as we age, there are many changes that happen on our faces. We lose volume which creates folds on the face, we develop wrinkles, we start getting age spots, our facial skin starts sagging, our face starts looking dull and uneven and overall we appear aged.

These aesthetic concerns and many more can be easily handled by facial aesthetic procedures.

What does facial aesthetics treatment consist of?

There are innumerable treatment options available today to create that beautiful face that someone actually dreams of. These options are carefully chosen by the individual’s aesthetic physician depending on the condition of the face and the requirement of the individual.

To name a few procedures that are very regularly done to create that beautiful you, includes but not limited to Botox, Fillers, Thread lift, Skin polishing, Chemical peels, Skin tightening procedures with HIFU & RF, Mesotherapy, Vampire facial that includes injecting persons own blood for rejuvenation, mesoglows and much more.

Why facial aesthetic procedures are in such high demand in Mumbai?

In today’s era of selfies, everyone desires to look more presentable. The young generation wants to look better in profiles on social media, the middle age group wants to look presentable at the workplace amongst his or her colleagues and the older age wants to look younger, as we all have just one life to live!

Mumbai is a capital of business, movies, luxuries, parties, and society. Each of these requires the individual to look at his or her best. To improve or to maintain the facial appearance requires regular visits to your facial aesthetic physician. Just one visit doesn’t make the magic. Dedication from both sides- the physician and the individual is required to “create that beautiful face”!

Are these facial aesthetic procedures very expensive?

If the cost versus results ratio is considered, the treatments aren’t expensive. Most of the time, the procedures which involve consumables like toxins or fillers, or thread lifts can be considered expensive because the products are expensive to procure. But a word of advice to all those who are reading this blog is not to compromise on the products. Always ask your physician for approved products from government organizations, after all it’s your own face!  Apart from those procedures which need consumables, other facial aesthetic treatments are definitely not costly.

Dr. Arun believes in ethical and honest practice. He makes sure of the fact that every individual has his her budget. So he plans the treatments in a way that could fit the patient’s pocket without compromising on the results. If you would like to know more about the treatment charges or would like to take a second opinion on any of the facial plastic surgeries or hair transplant surgery or facial aesthetic procedures, do visit him at his practice which is mentioned below.

How does one ensure that the facial aesthetic treatment is safe?

Of utmost importance is the selection of the aesthetic physician. One must be very cautious while giving the face into someone’s hands. The physician must be well versed with facial anatomy and must have years of experience in treating these concerns. Dr. Arun Panda is a Cranio-maxillo-facial Surgeon with over 20 years of experience in the field of Facial Plastic Surgery and Facial Aesthetics. Visit him on his Facebook page :

to know more about him. He has done numerous fellowships in Facial Plastic Surgery, Facial Aesthetics, Rhinoplasty, etc by traveling and working with renowned Facial Plastic Surgeons throughout the globe.

He is considered a pioneer in the field of Facial Plastic Surgery and trained many doctors throughout the globe in a quest to spread the awareness of facial aesthetics.

If you are looking for someone to understand more about your facial aesthetic concerns, please do visit Dr. Arun Panda on his social sites mentioned alongside and learn more about him and the kind of work he does to “CREATE BEAUTIFUL FACES”!

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