Learn everything about Facial Implants explained by Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr Arun Panda.

Learn everything about Facial Implants explained by Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Arun Panda.

Since the skin on your face is relatively thin, the underlying muscles and bones are more apparent than they are on most other regions of your body. As a result, any deviation from normal in the size or shape of these underlying features is more obvious and “exposed.” This may occasionally work in your favour. If you naturally have high or prominent cheekbones, for example, it can assist define the contours of your face and even raise up your lower face to lessen any sagging brought on by ageing. Higher cheekbones also aid in preventing under-eye “bags,” which are pockets of drooping tissue that can make you look older.

On the other hand, your entire face can appear ill-defined and “weak” if your cheekbones are small or flat, or if you have other problems, like a “weak” or receding chin or jawline. The effects of an underdeveloped facial structure can worsen as you age as your skin sags and droops more dramatically due to gravity, heredity, and a lifetime of sun exposure.

Specific facial areas can be “built up” with facial implants to give your face more beautiful shapes, which can help clarify your features and lessen drooping and hollowness. Additionally, by increasing and augmenting your natural facial features, implants give your features a much more balanced and pleasant overall symmetry.


Planning and consulting are the first steps in a face implant process. Dr Arun Panda will carefully analyze your face during your initial office visit, giving special attention to your chin, cheekbones, jawline, and “fixed” features like your eyes and mouth. He will then collaborate with you to develop a strategy to accentuate your facial characteristics, attain a more aesthetically attractive balance, as well as find solutions for more particular problems like a weak jawline, a receding chin, or drooping brought on by ageing. In the end, the strategy used in your operation will be entirely personalized for you, giving you the peace of mind that you’ll receive the outcomes you want.

General anaesthetic or local anaesthesia, which may be combined with a sedative to help you relax, are both utilised to execute all treatments. Incisions for implant implantation can be made by Dr Arun in places where they will be well concealed once the wound has healed. For cheek implants, incisions can be made inside the mouth or around the lower eyelids. For chin implants, incisions can be made inside the lower lip or right beneath the chin. Dr Arun Panda makes the incision, then works with the tissue there to form a pocket that will assist in support and “fix” the implant in place. He places the implant and makes any necessary adjustments before using microscopic sutures to close the wounds. The average facial implant surgery lasts two hours.

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