You are currently viewing Facial Feminization Surgery in Mumbai, India of a Transgender Patient
Facial Feminization Surgery in India

Facial Feminization Surgery in Mumbai, India of a Transgender Patient

Facial Feminization Surgery in Mumbai, India of a Transgender Patient

Facial Feminization Surgery | Transgender Surgery

Transgender surgery, also known as Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS), is a group of surgical procedures that alter the appearance of the face to increase its femininity. Though transgender patients are more likely to seek facial plastic surgery to improve certain features with which they are unhappy, non-transgender patients also called cis-genders (or same genders) may also seek facial feminization surgery to improve certain features with which they are unhappy.

Although each face is distinct, certain facial features or characteristics that make the face appear more masculine or feminine.

Males have a squarer face shape. Sharp corners can be found on the jaw and necklines. A woman’s face is characterized by rounded curves and soft features.

Female noses are more angular, with sharp edges and a chiseled appearance. The noses of men are typically larger, wider, and more prominent than those of women. Female noses are typically smaller, shorter, narrower, and have a slightly concave profile than male noses.

Females have prominent cheekbones, giving their cheeks a rounder, fuller appearance. Males’ cheekbones are typically flatter, giving them a sharper, angular appearance.

Males have a strong jawline and a square chin, whereas females have soft curves and rounded edges in the lower jaw and chin. Males’ jawbones are thicker and wider than females’.

Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures for Facial Feminization

All of these characteristics can be changed cosmetically through facial plastic surgery. The goal of facial feminization surgery is to make the face look more feminine. The majority of features are a reflection of the underlying bone; however, skin, facial hair, and hairline, as well as factors such as fat distribution and muscle mass reduction, play a minor role. The nose can be reshaped with rhinoplasty surgery. For a complete reconstruction of the forehead, forehead contouring and scalp advancement can be performed. The face can be softened by mandibular reduction, jaw reshaping, and chin surgery. Exaggerated features are toned down for a more balanced, feminine appearance.

First and foremost, it is critical to recognize that each individual is distinct and that each face is distinct. There is no standard procedure because each patient’s treatment is unique. Everyone is different when it comes to craniofacial surgery.

There are numerous social, cultural, racial, and ethnic differences. Expectations should be realistic, and it’s important to accept one’s “base” features and anatomical safety limits, which surgeons can only deviate from to a certain extent.

We at Bodyskulpt Aesthetics, a Facial Feminization and Transgender Surgery Clinic in India provide you with a personalized, comprehensive evaluation and in-depth consultation so that you can understand your expectations and how realistically they can be met. Procedures for each facial feature are tailored to the needs of each individual patient. To achieve the best results, we create and carry out a personalized treatment plan to assist each individual in achieving their objectives.

We work hard to give you the most attractive feminine face we can.

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