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Facial Feminization & Facial Masculinization Surgery, India

 What is Facial Gender Affirmation Surgery?

Facial Gender Affirmation Surgery is a series of soft tissue and hard tissue surgical procedures that are performed to transform a face that has masculine features to create softer and feminine attributes or vice versa. It’s one of the gender reaffirmation surgeries requested by many transgender patients. Today many cis genders are also requested for such transformational surgeries as they aren’t happy with their facial characteristics.

What units of the face usually define the shape and appearance of the face?

Facial bone, Facial muscle, Fat tissue thickness and distribution, Skin facets, and Hair characteristics are the various components that usually define the shape and appearance of the face.

Unlimited variations of these units can be made to alter the shapes and features of any face.

The following parameters can be transformed surgically to achieve the desired transformations:

  1. Bony alterations:

(a)  Alterations in the lower jaw: Changes in the Width, Sharpness of the angle, Prominence of the chin, Position of the lower jaw relative to the upper jaw, etc

(b)  Alterations in the upper jaw: Prominence of the upper jaw -advancing forward or pushing backward, Altering the distance between upper teeth and nose, etc

(c) Cheekbone: Bone prominence: Reduction or augmentation, Bone arch width: Widening or narrowing.

(d)  Nose: Size, Width, Tip width, Tip angulation.

(e)  Forehead bone: Recontouring and making it more prominent or trimming it

  1. Facial Muscle Formation:

Facial muscles influence face appearance visually. Masseter muscle is the most important of all facial muscles from a cosmetic point of view that needs to be altered in facial transformational surgery. Since changing the muscle formation also affects their movement functions, only minor changes are feasible in order to preserve their functions.

  1. Fat Tissue Thickness and Distribution:

An important component of the face that influences facial features is the volume and distribution of the fat tissue. A person would appear chubby or skinny depending on the amount of fat present. Alterations in the volume and distribution can be done by a multitude of procedures like liposuction, buccal fat removal      (to remove fat), or fat transfer (to augment fat).

  1. Hair Characteristics:

Position and shape of the Hairline and hair density make a huge impact on the male and female facial characteristics. Obviously, the presence or absence of facial hair like the mustache and beard, and eyebrows also attribute to the characteristics of a male or female face.

What are the types of Facial Gender Transformation surgeries?

Facial gender affirmation surgery includes either Facial Feminization surgeries or facial Masculinization surgeries.

Facial Feminization Surgery in India  (Male To Female Face Transformation):

To achieve more feminine facial characteristics, the following procedures need to be performed –

  • Frontal bone reduction or trimming,
  • Supraorbital bone reduction,
  • Brow lift,
  • Hair transplant,
  • Nose reshaping,
  • Cheek augmentation,
  • Lip lift, Dimple creation,
  • Jaw angle recontouring,
  • V shape lower jaw,
  • Chin reshaping,
  • Tracheal shaving


Facial Masculinization Surgery in India  (Female To Male Face Transformation)

To achieve more Masculine facial characteristics, the following procedures need to be performed –

  • Bone implant placement beneath the eyebrow to achieve a more prominent forehead bone.
  • Fat transfer above the eye to achieve fullness
  • Nose reshaping
  • Cheek fat and bone reduction
  • Lip reduction
  • Beard hair transplant
  • Jaw implant placement to achieve a stronger jaw appearance

How much does Facial Gender reaffirmation surgery cost in India?

Facial feminization or masculinization surgery is a highly specialized group of surgical procedures. There are many factors that influence the cost of a FFS. The number of procedures involved or deemed necessary to give a more feminine or masculine appearance is the most important factor when considering the cost. As the number of procedures increases, the complexity of the surgery increases and so does the cost. The cost also depends on the type of hospital. The experience of the performing surgeon also plays an important factor when considering the cost.

Depending on the surgeon and the number of component procedures performed, the overall cost for FFS / FMS can range from 2,50,000 INR to 5,00,000 INR (3000 to 6000 USD) and higher.

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