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What is Alopecia? Hair Fall Treatment in Navi Mumbai

Hair Loss Treatment in Navi Mumbai

Alopecia is the medical term used for a condition in which there is a generalized excessive loss of hair on our head beyond the normal numbers. On a usual day, losing 100 stands of hair is medically absolutely normal.

That’s because each of our hair goes through a cycle. “The circle of life” of a hair consists of a growing phase called the Anagen phase which lasts for about 3-5 years in which the hair keeps growing.
This is followed by a Catagen phase lasting for about 4-5 weeks in which the hair stops growing and then it goes into a Telogen phase lasting for about 3-4 months in which the hair follicle goes into rest.

Finally, the hair strand falls off, known as the Exogen phase.
This is when we notice the hair falling off. Once the hair strand falls off, the follicle starts producing another hair strand and that continues in the same manner.

This is a lifelong process unless conditions do not favor the growth of hair and they do not grow.
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