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how long after a hair transplant can you exercise

This post is dedicated to all the Fitness nuts out there (Including myself)
A hair transplant is a dangerous surgical operation, whether FUT or FUE. To protect your new hair grafts and your general health, proper aftercare is required, and that includes ensuring that you do not return to daily activities, such as going to the gym, too soon.

So how long after a hair transplant can you exercise?
Stop strenuous exercise until at least ten days after hair transplant surgery is recommended. Any light exercise, such as walking and yoga, can normally be done four days after a transplant, but should still seek advice from your Hair Transplant Surgeon.
Both Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT or Strip) hair transplants include the removal and transplantation of healthy hair follicles from the donor region of the scalp to the areas affected by hair loss. In the recipient region of the scalp, tiny incisions are made and the hair grafts are inserted into these locations.

These new hair grafts are very delicate in the days and weeks following the procedure and need the care to protect them, to hold them in place, and to allow your scalp to heal properly

For many factors, strenuous exercise may be a hazard to new hair grafts:

  • Blood pressure: Raising the heart rate from exercise will raise your blood pressure, and can increase the risk of bleeding in the recipient areas of your scalp, graft dislocation, or in the donor area.
  • Sweating: After a transplant, the scalp can be very responsive, and saunas, running, or other sweating cardio exercises can irritate the scalp and destroy new hair grafts.
  • Stretching: Some exercises (such as sit-ups) that stretch the back of the neck can apply stretching force to a FUT scar. It is best to stop exercise for the first 2 weeks after FUT surgery and to avoid some stretching practices for the first couple of months in order to provide the best chance of recovery with a fine scar.

Of course, exercise is very good for your general health in the long term and also for the health of your transplanted hair follicles. But you might need to put your daily routines and gym visits on hold in the short term.
Return to exercise after a hair transplant
Each patient is different, and we will provide you with practical aftercare advice tailored to your particular circumstances at The Maitland Clinic, including how easily you can return to various forms of exercise.

However as a general reference, after a hair transplant, here is a standard prescribed schedule for getting back into strenuous activity:

After a hair transplant, how long should you wait to exercise?

1-3 days after your hair transplant: no exercise of any kind
4-9 days: some very light exercise
From 10 days: cardio exercise, gym, and weights training
2 months: weight training and then do whatever you want except pulling your hair out.

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