Laser Skin Treatment In Navi Mumbai


Laser skin treatment in Navi Mumbai. All you need to know

Dr. Arun Panda (Facial Plastic and Hair Restoration Surgeon), medical director at Bodyskulpt Aesthetics clinic in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, contributed to the writing of this article.

Laser machines have revolutionised the type of results that can be achieved in skin treatments for the past two decades or so. The industry has been upgrading as a result of the increased adoption of these machines, and we see technologies constantly growing and evolving. While some of the improvements are minor, they have added up over time to make results more precise and predictable.

When looking for a laser skin treatment, it’s difficult to be specific because there are many different types of lasers that can be used for different types of skin treatments.

Laser skin treatment cost in Navi Mumbai: Summary

What are lasers?

‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation’ became an acronym for laser. Although the first practical example of a laser was built in 1960, technology has advanced in leaps and bounds since then. Coherent light is produced by lasers, and it is focused on a small target area.

The light in most modern treatments is also within a narrow band of wavelengths to target the desired action and results.

The gain medium (the medium that gets excited to generate the laser beams) and the method by which it is applied in the end are the most common differences in lasers.

Indications for laser skin treatments include:

  • Permanent hair reduction
  • Acne scar reduction
  • Reduction of other scars and stretch marks
  • Laser resurfacing of the skin
  • Anti-aging
  • Pigmentation treatment
  • Tightening of pores and facial rejuvenation
  • Some lasers also help in reducing the appearance of vascularity

Our clinics are equipped with internationally recognized products and machines that have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are operated by trained technicians and Dermatologists.

We follow a holistic, less-is-more philosophy. Dr. Arun Panda is the Medical Director of The Bodyskulpt Aesthetics Skin Clinic in Navi Mumbai, and one of India’s top skin specialists. Here are some of the services we provide:

Medi-Facials with Laser Facial rejuvenation.

Our medi facial treatments include a water jet, laser facial, vitamin C burst, refreshing pumpkin facial, and our signature Bodyskulpt Aesthetics Skin Clinic Facial, among others. Learn more about face lightening procedures.

Skin Tightening & Body Sculpting in Navi Mumbai

With our advanced HIFU & RF machines, we provide non-invasive body sculpting with advanced US-FDA approved technologies like CoolSculpting, skin tightening, body fat loss treatment, and double chin reduction.

Skin Brightening Treatments in Navi Mumbai

Get a bright glowing skin with our signature treatments including Medi-Facials, Medicated Chemical Peels, The Hollywood Spectra® Peel, Cosmelan Peel etc. We also provide microblading, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, etc. Read more about skin brightening treatments.

Skin Problems now no Problems at Bodyskulpt Aesthetics Clinic in Navi Mumbai 

Our dermatologist has a decade of experience treating a variety of dermatological issues such as pigmentation, skin diseases, dandruff, dry skin, and more.

Acne Scars Removal in Navi Mumbai

We offer a wide range of treatment options for acne scars and stretch marks, including advanced Q switched laser treatment for acne, medicated peels, derma roller, and a US FDA-approved RF machine, which we have successfully treated patients for. Learn more about how to treat acne scars book appointments now