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Mole Removal Treatment in Navi Mumbai by Certified Dermatologist

Often, a mole unexpectedly emerges at a spot where you would never expect one. Moles do turn out to be cancerous on rare occasions. They are otherwise totally harmless. Moles aren’t infectious.
A mole is known as a flesh-colored or pigmented, elevated or flat, irritable & a bumbling thing as the distinct form of skin lesion. It is often referred to as Nevus, which typically stands for a number of benign skin lesions, i.e. non-cancerous & pigmented.
Moles are often found in infants, but they are also popular in adults. Excessive melanocyte pigment development results in accumulation and moles with a dark appearance are produced. Moles can be light or deep red or can be a very dark black color if overlooked for a lot of time.
Our Navi Mumbai team of professional dermatologists will treat a mole with a simple Skin Mole Removal Procedure related to surgical excision during the visit. It’s not a difficult process & it won’t cost you a fortune. But if cancer is suspected, then our dermatologist will send the mole for analysis to the histopathology laboratory after removal of the entire mole. Often, our dermatologist at our Navi Mumbai Clinic uses a surgical blade to cut the mole.
It is also possible to use carbon dioxide lasers to remove moles. After a mole has been removed, the site will quickly recover. As determined by dermatologists at our Navi Mumbai Clinic for proper care, skin mole removal treatment by radiofrequency ablation or carbon dioxide laser vaporization is the right option.
If the mole has been separated from its source, there are fewer chances of recurrence. It is generally ideal to give the mole to a histopathology center for review so that one is sure of no possibilities of malignancies.
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