You are currently viewing What is the Hair Transplant cost in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai?

What is the Hair Transplant cost in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai?

What is the Hair Transplant cost in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai?

Cost range takes into consideration all the different types of hair transplant techniques such as FUT, FUE, DHI, and Robotic. Further, it also includes PRP hair loss treatment. Here you will get to know the hair transplant treatment cost in Mumbai.

One of the most common illnesses in the western world is hair loss. The growing number of people who have hair loss is collectively responsible for all the tension, anxiety, and even environmental problems such as pollution. This is not considered such a big issue, however, simply because of the number of available therapies.

Since it is a permanent cure, hair transplantation is known as one of the best treatment choices for the right applicants. However, the expense involved is one of the limiting variables in opting through this or any other procedure.

Is it normal to think about how much a hair transplant in Mumbai will cost? The patient may decide not to go for the treatment if the cost is high. On the other hand, you can worry about the quality of care if you get a hair transplant in Navi Mumbai or Mumbai at a low cost.

You’ve been through the hard part of putting in hours of online research, visiting online forums, talking to so many individuals, confronting your fears, you’ve been there, done that! And now you’re in the final stages of planning for a hair transplant operation. You see the doctors who are shortlisted, make notes, and make decisions.

The monetary element is one very important factor to note in this crucial process. Make it a part of your research to find out how much a hair transplant costs in Mumbai.

In your decision to go to a doctor and the surgery that you have been waiting for so patiently, this will be important. It is as relevant as any of the other variables to find out whether or not your insurance covers your surgical bill.

We are trying to support you with a few tips in this article, which decide how much a hair transplant in Mumbai or any other city can cost. For you, this can become a make or break decision.

Factors Affecting Cost of Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Number of grafts required – The hair on the human body grows in follicles. Each follicle can contain between 1 to 4 strands of hair anywhere. Thus, when measuring the cost of hair transplantation in Mumbai or any other area, it is done on the basis of the number of transplanted follicular units (or grafts).

Type of treatment – The type of treatment is another significant parameter during the treatment and thus the basis for the cost determination. Based on how the follicles are harvested for transplantation, the type of hair transplant varies and is therefore called FUT or FUE. In FUT, the entire tissue strip is removed from the donor region from which hair follicles are extracted and grafted, while in FUE, for grafting, each follicle is separately extracted. FUE is therefore more costly.

Gender of the patient – In Mumbai, this definitely has an effect on the cost of hair transplantation, with female hair transplantation being marginally more costly than male transplantation.

Qualifications and experience of the doctor – The qualification of the doctor who will perform the operation is a very necessary and essential component of the cost breakdown. Compared to some, a well-qualified and skilled plastic surgeon will conduct the operation in a much easier and more aesthetic way. Aesthetics matter because the way you appear can be absolutely altered by this method. Therefore, going with a reputed surgeon who has a documented history of successful hair transplants is always a smart idea.

Facilities at the clinic – In Navi Mumbai, the cost of hair treatment also depends on the facilities offered by the clinic where the procedure is being performed. The cost would undoubtedly be higher for a clinic with state-of-the-art instruments and good facilities.

The donor area – A critical component of the hair transplant procedures is the donor area, from where the healthy hair follicles are extracted for transplant. Thus, it is also a determinant of hair transplant cost in Mumbai.

The Surgeon you consult: Cosmetic Surgery of any type requires experience and expertise in the field to produce satisfactory results. A Surgeon with such expertise would charge a higher fee and use the best treatment technique to produce a quality results. So, if you are searching which surgeon should you consult, set up an appointment with the  Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Mumbai Dr. Arun Panda himself.

Why Choose Body Skulpt Mumbai For Hair Transplant

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