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Cost of Cheek Implants in Navi Mumbai

Cost of Cheek Implants in Navi Mumbai

Cost of Cheek Implants in Navi Mumbai

Cost of Cheek Implants in Navi Mumbai

What are Facial implants?

Facial implants are alloplastic or foreign materials that are biocompatible (they do not harm the body’s tissue); are made up of materials like silicone, and are used to provide cosmetic definition to the face, which is typically performed on a patient’s chin, cheeks, and/or jaw.

So, implants are permanent additions to the underlying facial structure. Although there are substitutes available, such as injectable fillers and fat, these devices are made specifically for the patient. A facial transplant is made to give the face more substance, shape, and structure for cosmetic purposes.

Which areas of the face can receive Facial implants?

Facial implants invariably be placed in any part of the face that could have bony support. As mentioned previously, they provide a permanent augmentation of that part of the face where it is placed. Typically facial implants can define as:

  • the cheek or malar area – the augmentation of this area is usually asked by individuals who have lost midface volume with aging,
  • the chin area – the enhancement of this part of the lower jaw is required for patients who have a retruded chin,
  • the angle of the mandible and jawline – when a patient wants to make the angle and lower border of the lower jaw more prominent, an enhancement with implants is the best option.


What are cheek Implants?

Cheek bones are one of the most important features of the face. Genetics and aging are two important reasons a person loses the attractiveness of the cheek area and thereby that of the face. Cheek implants can restore the contour of the cheeks, the hallmark of a youthful facial shape. They can also create higher cheekbones, giving the face a more sculpted look.

The cheek implants are made up of a multitude of materials, and a wide range of shapes and sizes and in fact, in recent years there has been a surge of patient-specific implants that can be printed according to the patient’s requirements. These implants are usually placed through an intraoral incision and hence don’t leave a scar.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cheek implants?

Advantages: Face looks younger, better proportioned, and more sculpted with higher, fuller cheekbones. Even as one ages, properly sized and positioned cheek implants appears natural and undetectable. Even though they are intended to be irreversible, cheek implants can be taken out if an individual isn’t happy with the appearance.

A cheek implant procedure can actually be less expensive than regular cheek filler treatments as hyaluronic acid fillers that are injected resorb with time, in just 6-9 months, and hence can temporarily increase volume in the midface.

Disadvantages: Placement of implants may require general anesthesia or at least mild sedation. Visible swelling after surgery might last for a week or so. An initial cost for an implant might be higher than fillers as mentioned earlier. Medically compromised patients should choose the placement of implants carefully as after all placement of the implants are definitely a surgical procedure, even if considered as a minimally invasive procedure.

Who’s a good candidate for cheek implants?

Cheek implants can be done for a narrow or flat face. A person’s face who has lost its natural cheek contour due to aging or genetics

Cost of cheek implants in Navi Mumbai?

The cost of Cheek implant surgery at Dr. Arun Pandas Bodyskulpt Aesthetics ranges from INR 1 Lacs to INR 1.25 Lacs. This cost includes the cost of the implant, surgeon’s charges, anesthetist charges, Operation theater charges, and OT medicine charges. The cost range is meant to take care of factors like the choice of brand of facial implant, choice of anesthesia like sedation or general anesthesia, etc. The cost might also vary from surgeon to surgeon depending on the expertise of the surgeon and his years of experience.

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