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Cheek Implant Surgery in Navi Mumbai

Cheek Implant Surgery in Navi Mumbai

Cheek Implant Surgery in Navi Mumbai


What are Cheek Implants?

Cheek implants are alloplastic materials that can be placed on the cheek area which augments or enhances the facial features. These are usually placed from inside the mouth and leave no scar. Implants are permanent solutions to the loss of volume due to again process and other conditions where there is tissue deficiency like in conditions of Parry Romberg syndrome etc.

What are the other options to augment the midface area?

The process of aging hits the midface quite strongly. There is a loss of volume, especially in the malar or the cheek area. There are options available to augment the lost volume. A cheek implant is the only surgical and permanent solution to lost volume. Other nonsurgical and minimally invasive options include HA fillers and fat grafting. Fillers are the most commonly performed procedure for midface enhancement. The advantage is that it’s a non-surgical modality. The disadvantages are that it is temporary i.e. lasts for just 6-9 months, the cost is recurring and quite expensive. Fat grafting is another option that requires harvesting fat from the abdomen and placing it in the face. The advantages are it somewhat semi-permanent, huge quantities can be harvested and used, and be can be adapted as required. Disadvantages are that it requires a second surgical site like the abdomen to harvest fat, expensive as it requires Operation Theater and requires liposuction instruments, and the expertise of a surgeon who knows anatomy well.

Are Cheek implants permanent?

As mentioned earlier, cheek implants last forever and the results are usually considered permanent. The results from cheek implants are considered permanent. As silicon is biocompatible it does not cause tissue reaction and neither resorption. As the implants are secured in place by titanium screws, they don’t move from their place and stay in their place permanently.

How does cheek implant surgery perform?

At Bodyskulpt Aesthetics, we perform cheek implant surgery under twilight anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. The patient can return back home the same day evening as he or she is very comfortable post-surgery. We prefer to perform the surgery early in the morning. The patient needs to be nil by mouth from the previous day night to prevent any vomiting episodes.

The implants are placed from a small cut from inside the mouth and that’s sutured post placement. This doesn’t leave any scar whatsoever. The incision is placed in the depth of the mouth. The muscles are raised and implants are tried in place. Wherever required the silicone implants can be trimmed by a scissor so that it adapts well. The implants are then secured well using titanium screws that are again very much biocompatible. We use sutures that would dissolve in 10-14 days. The whole procedure might take about one and a half to two hours. The patient returns back home after a few hours. Follow-up is done after one week to see the recovery of the patient. The stitches inside dissolve and don’t require to be removed.

How long does recovery take?

A week at the maximum is what is required for the recovery. Sutures are usually taken off, if required, in 7 days. Patients can return to work in 6-7 days’ time. Post-surgery antibiotics and anti-inflammatories are prescribed to keep the patient comfortable. Povidone iodine mouthwashes are given to prevent any sort of infection.

A mild amount of numbness may last for 2-3 months as some stretching of the nerves takes that much time for healing.

Do cheek implants change your smile and the way someone speaks?

Cheek implants are placed directly on the bone and below the muscles that help in smiling. As mentioned earlier, they just replace the lost volume. Since they do not hinder the functionality of the muscles of facial expression, a patient’s smile, and speaking aren’t altered after the implant placement. Although a certain amount of stretching might be felt for a couple of weeks, that doesn’t cause any disruption in a patients day to day activities.

Are cheek implants safe?

Silicon Cheek implants are being used for well over 50 years and have a proven safety record. Since it’s highly biocompatible it doesn’t cause any adverse reactions. When placed by an experienced surgeon and placed in a good and sterile operation theatre, the surgery is totally safe and the outcome is absolutely predictable. Having said that, any surgery carries some amount of risk like hematoma, swelling, bruising, numbness from nerve damage, persistent pain, poor healing, etc. Rarely situations may develop that might require implant removal.

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