You are currently viewing Weight Loss Treatment in Navi Mumbai | Lose Fat not weight the correct way
Weight Loss Treatment in Navi Mumbai

Weight Loss Treatment in Navi Mumbai | Lose Fat not weight the correct way

Weight Loss Treatment in Navi Mumbai

Dr.Arun Panda’s BodySkulpt Weight Loss And Body Contouring Programmes:
A Holistic Scientific And Researched Approach For Belly fat loss, Obesity And Body Contouring:
Join our Programmes with customized and personalized Transformation goals with nonsurgical and Healthy Plans:

What is Body Contouring?

It is to reshape desired areas of the body with surgical and non-surgical procedures.
How can we lose weight and get rid of unwanted fat pads in the body by non-surgical procedures?
These procedures need to be guided by qualified doctors to plan the holistic and healthy programme.
Firstly it starts with detailed history and consultation by doctors to rule out root causes of obesity or increased weight or undesired fat pads and deposits on different areas of the body. Then Transformation Plans are regulated with customized nonsurgical and result-oriented procedures. These Procedures include;

1. Diet and Nutritional Plans;
These Plans are made by qualified doctors with researched and scientific approaches to facilitate not only weight loss goals but also manage other consequent metabolic syndromes like PCOD, Diabetes, hypertension, Obesity, and Thyroid disease.

2. Reshaping different body areas, tracking fat deposits and fat pads regularly by researched and proven non-surgical appliances for desired contouring goals.

We can shape or decrease circumference on;

  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Love Handles/flanks
  • Face (RF only)
  • Chin
  • Buttocks
  • Upper arms
  • Bingo wings
  • Back rolls

Non-Surgical Procedures Body Contouring Procedures

1.Cavitation(Ultrasonic Liposuction)
We have ultrasonic cavitation machines that actually remove body fat deposits using ultrasonic waves. This type of appliance is best for decreasing circumference on the desired area, getting rid of Cellulite and fat tissues. It is a proven Scientific Approach which is non-invasive.

2. Radiofrequency Appliance (Heatwaves)
This appliance is also a non-invasive heat treatment that targets the deeper lines of fat tissue. It remodels collagen fibres causing the specific areas to be more lifted and tightened. Above all, it can be used for both Body and face areas.

3. EMS (Electro muscle stimulation)
If we want weight loss in a shorter duration then this is the one-stop destination. This appliance decreases body fat and also
gets your muscles toned and firm.

4. Cupping Or Hijama
Cupping sessions are an ancient procedure which is trending even nowadays. It is actually a deep tissue massage which increases blood flow, and lymphatic flow necessary in between Cavitation and RF sessions.

5. Dry Rollers
These Rollers help weight loss by deeper muscle activation and burning calories.

6. Lipolytic Injections Or Fat Buster injections
These injections are FDA-approved and safe injections. Can be used for Fat pads on the face, neck and double chin.

Who is suitable for non-surgical sessions for weight loss?

These sessions are suitable for everyone whose BMI is less than 30.

We can notice a reduction in circumference right after the session of cavitation. As it literally breaks down the cells and removes the adipose tissues. Still, we need religiously regular sessions to get the best result.

For RF, it is the process of a few months. As collagen fibres have to repair and remodel in deep layers.
Furthermore, the EMS appliance helps in muscle toning with fat loss altogether.
Also combined with Vitamin B12 therapies and Lipolytic injections, we may get our desired fat loss goals.

Cost for Fatloss / Weightloss Treatment in Navi Mumbai ?

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