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Beard Hair Transplant in Navi Mumbai by Hair Transplant in Navi Mumbai

Beard & Moustache Hair Transplantation in Navi Mumbai, India

Beard & Moustache Hair Transplantation in Navi Mumbai, India

Hair transplantation conjures up images of a balding scalp sprouting new hair. While this is the most common type of hair transplantation, beard or moustache restoration is a lesser-known but important area for hair transplantation.

Why undergo a beard/ moustache transplant?

A full beard and moustache on a man is a sign of virility and pride. Any lack of the same can be a source of embarrassment and a blow to one’s self-esteem. Young men are frequently teased for their inability to grow full facial hair. This can result in social problems. The beard grows at times, but not always evenly. For these types of issues, Bread hair transplantation is a safe and effective way to help these men regain their self-confidence and live a full life.

Who is a candidate for beard and moustache transplant?

There are different reasons why someone would want to undergo a facial hair transplant

Men with hormonal conditions– several hormonal conditions cause a lack of facial hair. In these situations, the underlying condition has to be diagnosed by proper medical examination and tests and treated first, and then a facial hair transplant planned

Men with a poor beard and moustache shape– In this section of patients, there is no hormonal issue, but the natural shape of the facial hair is not to their liking. Unfortunately, this is based on genetics and cannot be changed without surgery. The most common example of these include

  • Hair growth on the sides of the face but not the front
  • Lack of connection between beard and moustache
  • Lack of density in hair growth
  • Irregular patchy appearance

Men with scars: Sometimes scars such as injury, cleft lip, acne scarring on the patients who previously had good hair growth, can be affected. It can also be due to some injury or illness.

Proper Shaping of beard & moustache hair: Occasionally, some patients, may seek HT for proper shaping, particularly those who are in the entertainment industry.
Good candidates are those who are in good mental and physical health.

Why choose Bodyskulpt Aesthetics for your beard, moustache transplant?

Dr Arun Panda is among the most experienced hair transplant surgeons in India. They have written textbooks, articles and chapters on hair transplantation and have treated thousands of patients including difficult cases such as beard, body and repair hair transplant.

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